One off private $75
Concession 3 privates $219.00 ($73)
Concession 6 privates $420.00 ($70) (private sessions)
Duo concession 6 sessions $270.00 ($45)

Our body's know how to move in a connected efficient manner, they just need to be reminded how. 

  • Use a combination of reformer, cadillac, barrels, wunda chair and mat aparatus
  • Work from the feet up
  • Pilates based conscious movement 
  • Release muscle tension - Franklin, Yamuna, foam roller
  • Pilates exercises to correct posture
  • Archetypal postures for your daily life 
  • Breath and movement co-ordination
  • Holistic approach to injury rehabilitation, chronic pain and niggles
  • Movement technique for efficiency in elite sports 
  • Movement technque for efficiency and longevity in daily life


Wairere Pilates

Movement . Balance . Life