Clothing you are comfortable in and that you can move in. Changing facilities are available.

Yes please drive in through the gate and park by the studio.

Please arrive 15mins prior to your start time so you have time to get changed and can relax before we begin.

No, Pilates is done barefoot, at Wairere Pilates we spend time working the muscles of the feet so barefoot is best although socks are okay if they make you more comfortable.

Water is provided during your session

Generally it is a closed session but you can bring a caregiver to take notes for you if required. 

Cancellations made with less then 24 hours notice will be charged at full price.

Generally I take dancers and elite sports people from 10 years up and general public from 14 years up. This is not fixed, I am happy to discuss and take each person on a case by case situation.

There is no prerequisit for your Pilates session. You do not have to be fit, just be you, exactly as you are is perfect.

Yes we are happy to be in contact with your physiotherapist/ acupuncturist/ chiropractor/ Osteopath etc. To co-ordinate your rehabilitation programme.

Wairere Pilates

Movement . Balance . Life